Claxton's - The Single Cask Spring Release 2019

02. April 2019

Mit Mail vom 28. März 2019 erreichte mich folgende Pressemitteilung von Pinkernells  Whisky Market Berlin & Salzburg:



Claxton's erste Abfüllungen für 2019 sind ab sofort in Deutschland erhältlich - "Claxton's 2019 Spring Release"


Wie immer handelt es sich um Einzelfassabfüllungen, welche weder gefärbt noch kühlgefiltert sind. Ebenso ist jeder Whisky in Fassstärke abgefüllt worden. Als deutscher Importeur für Claxton's freut sich Pinkernells Whisky Market Berlin, diese fünf Abfüllungen ab sofort im Groß- und Einzelhandel anbieten zu können.




Eckdaten & Tasting Notes


CAOL ILA 2012 


Refill Hogshead, 285 bottles

7y / 60 % abv / 0,7l

€ 82,-- (€ 117,14/l) 

Nose: Clean, intense smoke; Sea spray, industrial oil, and fishing nets follwoed by toasted bread with Lemon curd.
Palate: Sweet and oily mouthfeel with Custard over smoked pineapple and Lemon pie; Agave syrup on toast and liquorice.

Finish: Long with notes of sweet roast root vegetables, scallops baked with honey, lavender and fennel over coal smoke.



Hogshead, 286 bottles

13y / 57,5 % abv / 0,7l

€ 88,-- (€ 125,71/l) 

Nose: Earthly with honeysuckel over moss and wet Stones, Green olives and green cooking apples, sweet crabmeat with blanched almonds and orange marmalade.

Palate: Roasted vegetables, carrots and soft leather; Coconut cake with marmalade, nutmeg and chocolate shavings.

Finish: Very Long with bitter almond liquer, dried apple slices, damp Wood smoke and elderflower cordial.



Bourbon Barrel, 275 bottles

10y / 52,8 % abv / 0,7l

€ 79,-- (€ 112,86/l) 

Nose: Fresh apples, pears and sweet plums with slight Mineral note; Off-dry wine and Crackers with Orange blossom honey.
Palate: Whipped cream over orange cake, Custard pie, candied fruit and cereal energy bar dipped in sweet wine.

Finish: Long with sweet fruit salad on a biscuit base followed by some Wood spice and tobacco ash.


1st-fill Bourbon Barrel, 248 bottles

10y / 55,8 % abv / 0,7l

€ 566-- (€ 94,29/l) 

Nose: Spearmint followed by soft fruit salad an apple crumble served with vanilla ice-cream and Toffee Sauce.
Palate: Sugary Porridge, creme brulee with coconut flakes, buttered toast with malt extract, roast sweet potato and thyme.

Finish: Long with chocolate biscuit, cream and soft mint notes.



Sherry Butt, 346 bottles

24yy / 55,3 % abv / 0,7l

€ 154,-- (€ 220/l) 

Nose: Brimming with notes of dark chocolate, raisins and walnuts; Aged quince marmalade, candied orange peel, Marzipan and Toffee aplles rounded with dry aged Sherry.
Palate: Rich and oily with toasted mashmallow and dark mint chocolate; Cream and syrup over stewed fruti topped with Sultanas, walnuts and flaked almonds.

Finish: Long, with caramel, pipe tobacco and Mocha coffee; Dried pineapple chunks, raisins and mint chocolate.