Scotch Malt Whisky Society - The Gathering Discovery Pack 2020

30. August 2020

Dies ist ein unabhängiger Bericht der Whisky-Helden über die SMWS, der mein eigens Empfinden und mein Eindruck über die SMWS schildert. Das Discovery Package wurde mit von der SMWS zur Verfügung gestellt - Vielen herzlichen Dank!! 

The Gathering 2020 - a week full of celebration

Nothing can stop the Scotch Malt Whisky Society (short: SMWS) from celebrating their yearly "The Gathering". Celebrations start from 31 August, with a week-long programm of physical and digital events, tastings and festivals happening all across the globe that will bring members together to discover and share great whisky experiences.


For those who can't make the journey to the SMWS Edinburgh like me, the society will host a virtual tasting, that will be streamed live from the spiritual home of the SMWS - The Vaults - on 6th September. All you need to take part is to grab a limited-edition discovery pack 2020, in which five exclusive Gathering samples are included, that I will review within this post (please scroll down to see tasting notes for each sample). 


Branches in Germany will also be holding several "The Gathering" events and warm-ups (both virtually and on-site; online and offline) at their venues for local members. I am delighted to be sent my  own "Discovery Pack" of five little drams to enjoy at home. Thank you SMWS! Really looking forward for the virtual tasting and to virtually meet some friends and society members.


For more information on joining the Scotch Malt Whisky Society please read my latest SMWS article (--->Introduction to the SMWS).

Five drams - The Gathering Discovery Pack

Let's take a closer look at what's included.  

Tasting Notes for 26.146 - Mood-lifting sanctuary

Clynelish Distillery - 8 years, 2nd fill ex-bourbon barrel - 58,6%


NOSE (3.50) In the Nose I have some candle wax, chewing gum, refreshing citrus, floral notes and fruity pear. Soft notes of salty sea, leather, dough, bbq-smoke and in the far background some mint. 

PALATE (3.50) On the palate a little bit flowery with exotic fruits like pineapple, honey, sweet spices and barley. Orange rub, a dash of champagne and fruity sweets.

FINISH (3.25) Soft and short. Wax, orange peel, Haribo sweets and refreshing mint.


TOTAL (10.25) This one is special. I really liked it and as the name suggests - absolutely mood lifting. Nice flowery and fruity notes with refreshing orange peel and mint. Good job!

Tasting Notes for 35.259 - Rumtopf, birnenbrot and stollen

Glen Moray - 24 years, 1st fill ex-bourbon barrel - 53,5%


NOSE (3.00) Exotic fruits like Papaya, mango and litchi with lemongras, pears and somehow soapy notes. A hint of toffee and honey and some grapefruit.

PALATE (3.00) Totally different to the nose. Sweet and creamy vanilla, coconut and dough. Fruity in the back with peaches, cherries and pears and some dry oakyness.

FINISH (3.25) Medium long and a little bit dusty. Dark chocolate, thick honey and ripe fruits.


TOTAL (9.25) Note really exciting for its 24 years if you asked me. I am little bit disappointed, I expected something more! But it is still a good whisky :)

Tasting Notes for 7.243 - Twinning

Longmorn - 16 years, 1st fill ex-PX butt - 59,8%


NOSE (3.50) Fruity with apricots and peach, spicy with ginger and cardamon and cloves. Some orange peel

PALATE (3.75) Very fruity with warm vanilla sauce and honey. Apricots, plums and orange peels topped with brown sugar. A little bit nutty, roasted walnuts and buttery.

FINISH (3.50) Medium long with oily orange liqueur, honey und nuts.


TOTAL (10.75) What a lovely whisky. I like the mix of fruits and brown sugar. Very well balanced and a superb oily texture. Well done


Tasting Notes for 10.195 - Shiver me timbers

Bunnahabhain - 6 years, Refill hogshead/HTMC - 59,8%


NOSE (3.50) Sweet smoke of roasted barley and some cold ash. Sweet Vanilla, Fudge combined with fresh citrus notes and ginger. Honey-glazed bacon and minced meat. Salty sea breeze and freshly disinfected hospital floor.

PALATE (3.50) Smoke with iodine, charred oak, spiciness and toasted bread. Sweet Vanilla, strong espresso and liquorice. In the back I can notice some black olives.

FINISH (3.50) Meaty and more liquorice. Charred wood and some sweet vanilla with salt.


TOTAL (10.50) I really love those young and powerful Islay malts. A great Bunna with a lot of charred oak and sweet aromas. The heavily toasted medium charred hogshead did a good job.

Tasting Notes for 53.332 - Storm-tossed kelp on an Islay beach

Caol Ila - 11 years, Refill ex-bourbon hogshead - 58,8%


NOSE (3.00) Medium smoky, earthy and maritime with some fresh notes of liquorice and citrus. A punch of oaky spice and white pepper. Ripe pears and plums. The nose is a little bit alcoholic in my eyes.

PALATE (3.25) Cold ash with some fruity and earthy notes, like the smell of an old cellar room. Nutty and some discreet medicinal elements. Grilled pears, burnt wood, some wasabi and gauze bandages. 

FINISH (3.25) Medium long with peat smoke, even more medicinical notes and hot wazabi crackers. 


TOTAL (9.50)

A good Islay whisky but nothing spectacular.